7 March 2010

Today was a chill day. We thought we were going to leave at 0900, but our travel plans got delayed. In fact the plans changed several times throughout the next few hours. While we were waiting to head back to PAP, we sat outside on our balcony. There was a church service going on just under the balcony. Most of my group complained, but it was actually refreshing for me to listen. We were playing bananagrams while they were singing hymns and the priest was preaching. It was similar to a mass, but still refreshing to hear a message on “God is with you”. He spoke about Moses and the fact that he was not alone; that the presence of God should be enough. God’s promise of his presence stood as a foundation. And it still stands as a reminder for us.

Sitting around made us start to feel really lazy, so we asked Dan if we could go to the guest house and inventory some more. We brought our luggage with us. When we arrived, he said we would be leaving in 2 vehicles for safety reasons. It was a little strange. Corey and I rode together in the front vehicle. Besides being a little carsick, we had pleasant conversation and American tunes to keep us occupied. The drive went quickly and then we met with the team replacing us in Petit Goave (which included Joyce Vazzano and Phyllis – two of my professors from Hopkins!!). It was pretty amazing to see old professors and to give them report on what to expect.

We met with Trish and Eileen and everyone else from Chicago (with whom we traveled to Haiti). It was like a big reunion! I had a lovely evening and a nice HOT shower. It was so nice after a week of cold showers. I forgot how much I missed it! The meeting tonight was focused heavily on security issues and I was surprised by the amount of uproar that was caused. People want to go out and were upset that they feel locked in. But, the organization is responsible for our safety and they have a right to keep us informed and safe. I don’t mind taking extra precautions. Tomorrow is an ED day, so it will be fast paced and crazy, especially since it’s Monday.

Lord, thank you for keeping us safe in this very real danger zone. Thank you for providing peace and comfort. Continue to surround us with your shield and protection. Would we be safe in your arms. Amen.