Day two.

I can’t begin to describe the beauty that met us this morning (and this picture does no justice). The early morning pink sun-globe awakened us as we pulled out the gate and the rising mist met our eyes. It was as if God was pulling aside the curtains to wet my appetite of his goodness. Excitement welled up inside of me as I prayed that God would show himself to me this day!

Breakfast lookout – we watched herds of zebra come and drink (look closely and you’ll see them on the left). And the joy of the hippos! If only you could have heard them!

Nkumbe lookout. One of my favorite places. I felt so small as I scanned the horizon!

She had cubs hidden somewhere. We were blessed to have her all to ourselves on the road. She crossed in front of us, laid down and displayed a halfhearted hunt. Her beautiful eyes left a deep impression on me!