Day three and I’m quickly realizing that pictures without narrative just won’t work. God gave me such a showing that I have to tell the story – I have to give Him the glory for what my eyes beheld!

First thing today we came across a pride of five lion – they lounged, ambled, and posed for us while we watched. Again, we had them all to ourselves! They took my breath away over and over again. Today, a year later, I can’t believe what I saw.

There were a couple of young males and several females. Gorgeous!

Later on down the road we found two older male lions lounging after what looked like a healthy meal (sorry, I didn’t include a picture – didn’t want to inundate you with lion!).

Right after the pride of lion, we came across a huge herd of buffalo (300-400 in total!).

After a brief ride of seeing just the beautiful landscape, we came across ostrich (there were close to 10 altogether). The males are dark (almost black) and white, while the females are mostly brown. This guy is showing off his plumage!

This was my favorite lookout. Perhaps it’s because we watched this herd of elephant cross. We had come across this same herd earlier on the road. It was beautiful to watch. They crossed in two groups. It was almost as if the “scouts” chose a safe path for the youngsters. Then the second group followed and the smallest of the herd were guided across. At one point it seemed the river was much too deep for the youngest, but that’s when the oldest elephants “picked” him up and carried him across. The picture that was painted in front of me made me cry. What beauty and grace was shown through this act of love!

They almost look like they’re playing!

Our last sighting for today was this leopard! He is very hard to make out in the tree, but he is up there enjoying his prize (a warthog).

I didn’t include a picture of the rhino that we spotted, but that completed the big five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, rhino). All in all, an overwhelming day!