Day four. Today was a slow day compared to the others in the animal sighting category, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t see a lot beautiful countryside!

I loved this sign! We need more of these in the United States because, really, that is so much better than “road work”. It was quite ironic, though, that this “road experiment” was much better than some roads here!

Breakfast in the “wild”. Rhona said I needed one of these pictures as proof. I’m glad she took it!

One very cool lizard. We sat and watched him slink around the pools for quite a while.

A group of water buck. They have the funniest little white bulls-eyes on their rumps.

I love how the impala blend in so nicely in these tall grasses. We were close enough to see the tiny black spots on their lips. Beautiful!

On our way back to our camp, we spotted this hyena. Alas, my poor picture timing left me with her back as she sprinted across the road. Another sighting to add to the books!