Day five. What a glorious day! We started the day with an early morning rare find: wild dogs!

We first spotted them on the cliffs and stopped thinking that this would be our closest view. They appeared so stately and beautiful with the sun shining on them! To our great delight, they bounded down to the road!

We watched them for a good 45 minutes or so dancing in the early morning light.

We watched them put together a hunting party: they spread out to cover more ground and proceeded to “flush” the bush looking for small mammals to entertain their breakfast. Sadly, nothing was caught, but we had a blast watching them!

Here is one scratching, probably at the fleas!

Not five minutes after spotting the wild dog, we come upon this beauty! Remember the leopard in the tree from day three? Well, here is another in full view and close just watching us. It didn’t stay long (plus, a tourist safari came rushing in and scared it away), but we really enjoyed seeing it close up!

More impala – I love their antlers, especially how they twist!

Look at this kingfisher! We drove right by him and he didn’t flinch.

A fish eagle in the tree – this wasn’t the first one we’d seen, but I really like the huge gathering of weaver bird nests below him.

Guinea fowl! I don’t know why, but I love these crazy birds. I was so happy to be as close as we were to them, but I sure had a time of it getting a picture of this male’s brilliant blue head!