Day six met us with the most beautiful sunrise. This is the epitome of the “African sun”.

To this day, I look back at these pictures and my breath is consumed with praise for my heavenly Father who made this picture for me to see at that moment in time!

This family of baboons was posing and cleaning themselves as we passed them by. I love the little guy just hanging out.

We were literally five kilometers from the gate on our way back to Durban when we noticed a car parked. You’ll remember that where there are cars, there are animals. So, naturally we stopped and started to look. These people were very nice and pointed out that they were watching a family of cheetah. My guides bragged that they had an American with them and that we had seen everything but cheetah (and I mean everything!). The people in the other car valiantly helped us find these beasts in the bush!

They were amazing! We watched them for two hours. They would tumble, run, and rest in the shade then move closer to the road (all the while mom kept a close watch out). We inched along as they moved careful to not disturb them. Derek and Rhona had been watching this family for the past year – they remembered when they were but four small cubs.

We really needed to get on the road and had said goodbye to the other people in the car (which, by this point, we had gotten to know rather well). But as we started to drive off we noticed two sparring impala who were oblivious to the cheetah. For chuckles we decided to wait and see if anything would come of this opportunity. Lo and behold, the mother started to stalk! She gathered speed, tripped the impala, got him on his back, and grabbed a hold of his neck (all in about 15 seconds!) Then we watched the youngsters come and mock kill the impala.

Slowly, we watched vultures appear until we thought there to be approximately 250. It was amazing! Thinking back to that moment I am still consumed by goosebumps and my breath is taken away! God blessed me in a huge way. This journey through Kruger made me realize how big our God is and how powerful is his might.

Each morning as we drove through the gates of our camp into the park I prayed that God would show up. I prayed that God would demonstrate to me his beauty and his power. I prayed that God would draw me closer to himself. Of course I wanted to see animals, but more so I wanted to be blown away by our great God!