If you are new to this blog, or if you’ve been visiting for a while, you may wonder when I’m going to get back to reality. Lately it seems all I do is reminisce about what I’ve done or where I’ve been in the past, but as I think I’ve caught you all up on what happened in South Africa last year and my more recent trip to Haiti, it’s time to come back to the present!

Let’s start with gardening! I love love love spring, especially when it comes in March down here in Maryland. Nothing quite equals watching those bright green shoots push their way up through the hard soil that was subject to our harsh winter or the return of song birds and light spring rains or bright tulips welcoming us home every evening. Spring reminds me of The Secret Garden. Do you remember that story? I am always invigorated by the new life that arrives and the beauty that it brings. Perhaps I’ve said this before, but our gardens bring me such joy!

And this year, I planted more vegetables! We bought more patio pots because we couldn’t find a suitable yard spot. While this limits me in what I can grow, it is, however, very versatile and decorates the patio a bit! This year I planted three types of peppers (green, pimento, and banana), two types of tomatoes (big boy and grape), beans (both plants and seeds), and herbs. I am excited and hope to be able to eat much of their produce! So, stay tuned – I’m sure I’ll document the first “crop”.