When Doug and I got married, my mom had told us that she would like to make us a quilt for our bed. Of course I wholeheartedly agreed that would be wonderful, especially since she does such beautiful work! But then we had to make decisions (what color scheme, exactly how big, traditional vs. contemporary, pattern, etc…) and we aren’t that great making decisions… So, once we decided the color scheme and design, my mom and I went shopping for fabric. I chose the log cabin traditional design in greens and creams (with a small amount of red). She got to work, but we hit several bumps in the road (mainly one piece of fabric that I thought had too much pink in it…), so it sat for a very long time while each of us thought of some way to get over that fabric.

Well, soon enough, she was sick of looking at it and decided to get going on the huge task at hand (and I resolved to be at peace with the pink). Once she started, it didn’t take too long to finish cutting and piecing it together (well, as long as 80 large pieced blocks could take…). She sent it to get her “surprise” vision quilted into it and recently Doug and I were able to grace our bed with it’s beauty!

We have thoroughly enjoyed it and I continually search for all the creatures hidden within. For those of you who know me, you know I love handmade things. This quilt is very special to me and I am looking forward to many years of its warmth. I treasure the love that it represents! Thanks Mom!!

**The detailed quilting work is really hard to see, even in pictures – read my mom’s description in the link for an idea!