We ran another 5K on Memorial Day. But, alas, no pictures (well, there is but one and it’s kind of blurry and my form needs work, so sorry fans, I’m not posting it!). We ran this race to benefit the mission program for a church that one of Doug’s students attends. I guess a few weeks ago, this student gave Doug the registration form, but we didn’t think anything of it until after our B:WB run when we thought, why not – let’s run another one a day later!

So, we did. And man, what a course! The first half was all downhill (which made for some great mile splits!). But you know what that means for the way back (it was an out and back)! Thankfully, I had a “running partner” – I usually note the people around me when I am racing and try to “mark” them (you know, keep them in my sights and try to stick with them). Well, this woman was keeping my pace the whole way down – she started in front of me, but I gradually passed her. Then we started our way back up this massive 1.5 mile hill. She was behind me, but was pushing me the whole way. When we finally got near to the finish, we were running together vocally encouraging each other along the way. It was a great finish (I even passed a runner on the sprint to the line!) and I owe a lot to this woman. I thanked her at the end. But I never found out her name.

All in all it was a great race. I was surprised by the results too! I had blown my last 5K time out of the water, finishing by more than a minute ahead! And, I came home with another medal – first in my age group!! What’s more surprising is that I worked the day before… If you’ve never been around me after my 12+ hour shifts, I’m usually a zombie! Just ask Doug.