It’s rare for me to miss one day of work, but it’s almost unimaginable to miss two! My cold progresses… In just a few hours, the running for Kleeenex has turned to terrible dry coughing. The kind that you have to hold your abdomen for fear of pulling  a muscle or, worse, breaking a rib (not to mention, I can’t imagine what the little guy inside of me has to say to all the jostling!). I am still reaching for those fluffy white tissues and my chest feels as if it is on fire. The good news: I stayed in bed for almost 12 hours. The bad news: productivity continues to be lost. If the truth be told, I have a very long list of “To Do’s”, but the only “To Do” for me today is rest. Everything else will work itself out, I’m sure.

Presently, I am watching the Nature show on public television. I am learning all about wolverines, ugly faced animals, and now Yellowstone. It’s almost as good as National Geographic and I am delighted that we get a channel like this with our limited selection of antenna-only stations. Amid the breaks of reception, you will find me cozied (is that even a word?) up under a warm moose blanket in the most comfortable clothes I can find with a cup of tea nearby (and a full box of Kleenex) wishing away this nasty bug.