Today was supposed to be my only day off this week. Instead, I will call it day #3 in my series. But, I think I have turned a corner… I woke up feeling like I could actually do something today. Yay for productivity!

First of all, I was out of bed before 0830. Progress. Second, I went to the grocery store. Food? In the house? What is that? Third, I saved money at the grocery store – $36.00 (sadly, in order to save that much you have to spend more than that, but at least we have all those staples that we were missing before… remember that smorgasbord meal?). Fourth (Whoa, four?!), I have actually planned dinner. For tonight. And, if I may, I am planning on a fifth before the day is out. We have family coming this weekend and next. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to enjoy clean bathrooms at least? I thought so.

So, there you have it. Five things accomplished (or nearly accomplished) after four days of zip, zero, zilch. I’d say this is progress!