For 22 years now we have recognized the fact that AIDS exists in this world. And, I am sure, for 22 years, too many people remain unaware. Case in point: I went to the doctor today and the tech who took my vital signs asked about my red beaded ribbon pin (a pin I bought to support AIDS patients in Durban, South Africa). When I told her it was World AIDS Day, she appeared ashamed that she (a worker in the health care field) had no idea! Sadly, I know this woman is not the only person unaware. Doug talked about HIV/AIDS in his health classes yesterday and very few (if any) of his students could state what HIV or AIDS was. So many people are affected by this disease (even in our own backyard!) – how can we stop the spread (or advocate for the silent victims) of this disease if we are unaware?

Today is also the first day of Advent. We have begun to celebrate the coming of our Savior and each day of December brings us closer to the day that we remember His birth! And I wonder, how many people are aware of this date as well?

Let’s not remain unaware any longer!