So, you know how technology can be a crutch? Or it can be totally useful? Well, I happen to think the latter on this particular day, at this particular hour, in regard to my iPhone. Let me explain. I spend a lot of time nursing, or sitting and cuddling, or singing to my sweet little boy. It is times like these (when I’m waiting for him to nod off into a deep sleep) that I love my iPhone. Now, this is not meant to be a post glorifying Apple or the iPhone (far from it!). I just want to say how thankful I am to have it. Whether it’s use is to play mindless games in the middle of the night or to provide “white noise” when my mouth can’t form the “shushing” noise anymore or to serenade us with music, or (the possibilities are virtually endless), I have found it to be completely useful and a “lifesaver”.

Now, thanks to a free app from the app store, I can easily update my blog from my phone. Sure, this is my first attempt (so I don’t know yet how “easy” it will actually be) and no doubt I will become victim to the dreaded “auto correct” feature. But, I can’t easily get to the computer these days (besides, one handed typing is ineffective and time consuming – since acquiring my iPhone I have become quite adept at one “thumb” messaging!). And, as I slowly emerge from my sleep deprived state, I have a lot going on in my head (perhaps I have suppressed my thinking over the last year or so…). Not to mention, cute pictures and milestones of my little man!

So, here is my first “test” post. I’ll see about inserting a picture next time. And don’t worry, I will try to get to a computer before long and post from there because, for me, sometimes creativity flows more freely when my fingers are “clack, clack, clacking” on the keyboard.