I realized that I missed sharing this priceless picture! We had a little “Kermit” photo shoot in May (yeah, I know, it’s the middle of July!). My apologies for overlooking it. Hope you enjoy!The rest of the pictures in this post are more recent. It’s been so hot recently that we decided to acquire an inexpensive kiddie pool. We tried it out for the first time the other day and found yet another use for the Bumbo seat! 🙂Nathaniel had so much fun hanging out in the pool with Daddy!

Then we had some snuggle time in his towel.

And we ended pool time with smiles in the shade!

We finally got  a picture of Nathaniel’s teeth! If you can believe it, they are double the size today (this picture was taken 2 days ago!). I still can’t believe he has teeth…

To top it all off, we’ve started solid foods! I ground some oats and prepared oatmeal for our little man. While the eating part was not entirely successful on the first try, it certainly was fun (and messy)! I’m sure many more memories will be made.