It’s a group for me our babies. And it’s the best thing I’ve found for my sanity Nathaniel. I look forward to it every week. Sometimes we talk about our babies, sometimes we talk about life, and sometimes we eat AND talk! The best thing is that I have five new friends experiencing the same thing I am. I am so blessed and thankful for my Mommy friends (and Nathaniel loves it too, even if he doesn’t know it yet)!

Sadly, we neglected to get a picture of all the babes together when we first started meeting. Finally this week we were ALL together again, so we decided a picture was in order. We’d lined the babies up before, but never on the couch. Perhaps I’m biased, but they are. so. adorable!

(Riley, Jack, Audrey, Xander, Reagan, Nathaniel)

Here are all the mommies too!

The babies are all between 4 and 5 1/2 months. Nathaniel is the oldest.

When the summer is over I’m not sure what will happen to our group. Many mommies are going back to work and babies going to daycare. I’m pretty sure we will force a few get togethers, but I’m definitely going to miss it.