Mommy and me

Way back in July we went to Nathaniel’s first Red Sox game at Camden Yards. The weather had been so hot and it was a day game and we were pretty sure this was our only chance to see them this year. Originally we weren’t going to go. Then, in the twelfth hour, we decided to go (one of many poor parental decisions?). We went armed with cold water and cool clothes, praying for seats in the shade. In fact, that was our one criterion – if we couldn’t get seats in the shade, we would go to the aquarium instead. We ended up with great seats on the club level (well, actually, we sat above our seats at the bar table because even though our ticket salesman assured us our seats were in the shade, they weren’t…) and we had access to air conditioning! We had a lot of fun and Nathaniel even got a “first baseball game” personalized certificate!

With Daddy and our view of the field

Nathaniel even took a nap – you certainly can’t beat that view!

Perfect napping spot!

"Little Slugger"

To top it all off, the Red Sox WON! We were so glad that we had the chance to see our favorite baseball team while they were in town and even though Nathaniel probably won’t remember it, we’ll have fun telling him stories of his first game!