Matching cousins

While we’re going back, let’s talk about August (I still can’t believe we are well into September!). My oldest brother got married on the 20th and since my other brother and his family were going to be in town for the wedding, we decided to make the most of it and spend the time together in VT. It’s not often these days that we can all be together as we are spread across the United States, so I’m thankful that it worked out the way it did.

Partial group shot

Nathaniel had a blast meeting/watching his cousin and getting loved on by all sorts of family that he had never met. We enjoyed long walks in Gramie and Grandpop’s large yard, playing with Monte, taking dips in the kiddie pool, picking blackberries, meeting neighbors and extended family, and celebrating with Uncle James and Auntie Jenna!

Rubber ducky in the pool

Showing off

Portrait on the porch

Not too long after our trip, Nathaniel started to figure out how to crawl and I’m convinced it’s because he didn’t want to be held back after watching his cousin walk and run and play. Or perhaps he was just developmentally ready for it… Nonetheless, he is now on the move (more on that later)! For now, enjoy some more picture from our time:

Uncle James!

Mommy's Great Aunt Ellen

Blue eyes

Two dapper gentlemen

Water bottles are good chew toys

Cousins in Grandpop's chair