Today marks seven years of marriage for Doug and I. This morning we were talking about two cliche phrases when it comes to marriage anniversaries: “Wow! It’s been 7 years; feels like forever.” and “Wow! It’s been 7 years; It feels like just yesterday.” Honestly, we both agreed that we put ourselves in the latter category. (Does this have to do with the fact that 5 of the 7 years one of us have been in school…hmmm?)

We aren’t perfect. It hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had moments where we’ve laughed so hard we’ve cried. And we’ve had moments where we’ve cried on each others shoulders. Love isn’t easy. It’s a choice. It’s intentional. Our wedding bands were inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:12:

And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him – a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (ESV)

It has been our intention from the start to not depend on just ourselves. Even though two can be strong, three are so much stronger with God as the center. Like I said, we aren’t perfect and it takes constant reminders and serious intentionality to stay on track. We pray that we are able to continue to rely on God’s strength and not our own.

What is truly special about today is that we share our anniversary with my parents. Today, we celebrate 7 years; they celebrate 35! How exciting is that?! While 7 has been wonderful, I can’t wait to see where we are at 35 years of marriage. So, congratulations to you, Dad and Mom – you are such a wonderful example for us!

And, thank you, Doug, for the love you show to Nathaniel and me and your constant support. Thank you for your sacrifice in order for me to stay home with our son. Thank you for your heart – I pray that I handle it with care. Happy 7th anniversary! I love you… to the moon and back!