Way before Halloween I had this brilliant idea to get a picture of Nathaniel in his “costume” with our three pumpkins. Well, as you can imagine, the pumpkins are long gone (roasted and devoured) and Halloween was months ago (or so it seems!). Thankfully, Grandpop and Gramie came for a visit just before trick-or-treating and thanks to them we got some cute pictures. These days, six hands are better than two!

A little note about his “costume”. Before Nathaniel was born, Doug and I were perusing a local Marshalls and found these PJs on their clearance rack. They were one buck! And as an added bonus, they glow in the dark. What could be better than that?! The worst part was that I had to wait almost nine months to put them on our little boy. I’d say it was worth it, wouldn’t you?

*Were you wondering about his two different colored socks? Yes, we did two photo shoots!