This is what happened after bath time the other night. I will gladly take credit for the mohawk, but I have no idea where all the silliness came from afterwards…

Thanks to Grandma, we now have a fabulous, fun, musical walker! It makes music while baby rolls (that is, if I push the switch to the “on” position!). Nathaniel took to it immediately. He loves to stand up and can pull himself up on anything (chair, table, bag, box, walker, etc…). This handy dandy tool will help him learn how to take steps. Often he takes a few steps, gets frustrated because he can’t let go, and cries. This night was an exception. Enjoy the photos!

“Look Ma, one hand!”

I’m sure there was some sort of noise accompanied by this face. Perhaps his new favorite, “Baaah!”.

If I ever figure out how to post a video to this blog, I’ll grace your eyes/ears with his walking (perhaps you’ll even get some “singing”!).