Back in November Doug and I ran a half marathon.

We woke up earlier than the crack of dawn (trust me) to drop Nathaniel off with some friends (only true friends accept a call at their door at 5am with infant in hand) then headed down to the city. We only sat in traffic to park.

The inaugural race began and ended at the Naval Academy’s stadium. The course meandered through the old city, over a bridge, through the woods, back over the bridge, and back through the city past all the government buildings. It was a beautiful course, but the bridge was miserable. Both times. Thankfully, fans lined the top of the bridge with signs stating things like, “If you walk the pain won’t disappear” and other catchy phrases proven to make even the most exhausted runner crack a smile.

It was cold. I don’t think it ever got out of the 30’s.

Despite all that seemed to go against us (including training… somehow we never train enough!), Doug and I both beat our personal bests. I beat mine by almost 11 minutes. Not bad for giving birth in February.

And we’re looking at training for another. Any suggestions?

Here we are by one of the Blue Angel planes after the race with our finisher medals: