I found this fun pattern online and knew I had to try it! For those of you who know me, you know I do not sew. But lately I’ve been itching to get creative and, in my mind, there’s no better time then now to practice. Because we all know practice makes perfect, right? Right.

I found this beautiful fabric from Ghana (a good friend brought it back for me) in my forgotten bin of scraps and knew it was just the thing to inspire me! I made a quick stop at JoAnn Fabrics to find an acceptable lining color. It’s supposed to be reversible, but I decided to add a pocket (I know! What was I thinking?!), so I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it with the print on the outside.
I’m in love with my new bag! I had originally added a “sew-in” snap and decided (after all that work!) that I would rather a magnetic snap (why didn’t I think of that first?), so I took it all out and inserted a new snap (this also required opening up my seams, so the finished product is not quite as nice as it was, but I still love it! It’s perfect because it fits everything I need (an extra diaper, wipes, wallet, cell phone – thank you pocket! – and even a Nalgene bottle!).

If I can do this, you can too! What gave me the most confidence? I figured out how to sew darts! They aren’t difficult at all, yet I was so empowered after successfully sewing four of those buggers! (Don’t tell, but I had to take one out because I wasn’t paying attention…) And, this is a personal record, I only called my mom looking for advice (for the magnetic snap) once!!

Oh, and guess what?! I have already completed project #2 (and I’m working on #3!)! Keep checking because I’ll post those soon too!