Sewing has become such a wonderful outlet for me in these last few weeks. I am still at a loss as to why. Sewing has always been painful for me. Just like embroidery used to be when I was a child (for the record, I think embroidery would still be painful. I’ll just never know because I am going to stay far, far away from that needle and thread!). Maybe I’ve gravitated to sewing because I’ve chosen quick projects with just a small amount of challenge (i.e. learning just one new technique instead of five). The projects I’ve chosen are fun and easily done in a few broken up hours (because I sure don’t have 3-4 straight baby-free hours these days!). So, I work during naps (often cutting out the fabric) and sew after bedtime (or during the second nap). And then perhaps the most rewarding and exciting part of my projects is that I can immediately use them!

I also notice that I’m not cutting corners like I would have in the past. For example, I’ll actually use pins (even though they’re a pain!) to make the edges align instead of eyeballing it. This saves me some seam ripping. However, I have yet to sew a zipper perfectly. In fact, my zipper sewing skills seem to be tanking, but I’ve got to keep practicing (and ripping out stitches) in order to improve, right?!

So, here’s the next project I promised. I found the pattern and tutorial here. It’s for a cosmetic wedge. Cosmetics? Me? Haha! For my purposes, I’ll call it a “bag”. I love the size of it and the fabrics are also fun. When Doug and I were in Zimbabwe, we bought several varieties of African fabric for my mom (which she incorporated into Nathaniel’s baby quilt). She and I thought that those fabrics (just languishing in her stash) would be perfect, so she sent them my way. The bead on the zipper pull is also from Zimbabwe. How fun!

Isn’t this a great little bag? Consequently, only the bottom/lining fabric is Zimbabwean. The top isn’t. I skipped the iron-on vinyl that the author suggested (mostly because it seemed to be an unnecessary pain and I didn’t feel I needed the waterproofing that vinyl offered). And, I only made one mistake (that’s non-fixable), but I’m not telling where!