Our little man pretty much begs to go outside as soon as his eyes are open. Nathaniel used to just stare wistfully out the back door. However, asking to go outside has now turned into a parade of sorts. First he will bring me his shoes, sometimes together, sometimes one at a time. If Mommy doesn’t get the hint, next comes the jacket (which we had to wear one chilly morning recently). Then come Mommy’s slippers, one at a time (which he has successfully slipped on my bare feet). And if that still doesn’t do the trick, then the next course of action is to sit on the floor surrounded by a jacket and a pair of shoes with me looking down at him trying not to laugh and look at Mommy with the most pitiful face and start to cry.

Most days I’m ready for the inquiry, so the parade skips that last terrible step. I love that he loves being outside. I love that he’s so curious about everything. And I love being outside, so I embrace it! Here are a few photos from a recent outing (thankfully, this was in the afternoon not at 7:30 AM).

Filling the bird feeders:


Climbing on rocks!


Wearing shades like Daddy:


And the helicopter! (this was at the park with a bunch of friends, not our backyard)