Time for an update? I think so!

What a busy summer we have had. First, we visited Uncle James’ firehouse! Oh man, we had a blast. Nathaniel even got to see all the fire trucks and engines leave, sirens blaring AND watch them come back. So fun!

There were clothespin shenanigans. Whatever keeps him occupied, right?!

And Nathaniel’s FIRST TIME AT THE BEACH! He was rocking the suit and the hat, don’t you think? He loved the water washing over his toes and digging in the sand.

Then we took a few weeks at home before taking another trip. This time we went to North Carolina to complete our missionary training with SIM. Yes, that’s right, we’ve been officially accepted as missionaries with SIM and will be serving in Cape Town, South Africa! 

While there, Nathaniel got up close and personal with his first love: TRACTORS!

It was seriously heaven for our little man!

Then during a rare, free afternoon, we lounged at a local pool. Check out those goggles! Two words: chick magnet!

And of course, here’s a picture at the NC welcome center.

Now we are home and ready for the next steps. You can follow our missionary news on our NEW WEBSITE! Have no fear, we will still use this space to keep you up to date on family happenings and personal news.