As I reflect back on the last few weeks, the word flexibility comes to mind. Perhaps it’s the little boy laying next to me who is fast asleep (keeping me from my normal tasks during nap time) that reminds me again that God continually works in our lives. For whatever reason, today my little guy would not sleep on his own. Perhaps God wanted to use this time to speak to my heart instead of getting tasks done.

Just yesterday I was reading in Philippians where it says, “he who began a good work in you will carry it on until completion”. Over the last few weeks this verse has sounded more like, He who began teaching me flexibility and reliance on Himself will carry it on until completion. I am not usually a very flexible person. This weekend I had the opportunity to discover some more of my strengths and my personality type. In case you were wondering, I am task oriented and pretty structured. Yet, over and over again I am placed in certain situations that require flexibility. And I find myself embracing them! Perhaps I realize how important this will be when we are overseas. Perhaps I understand how important it is now. Or perhaps I am finally grasping the knowledge that God will use any situation to teach me more about himself. Whatever the case, Philippians encourages us that God will continue to work in our lives until we are completed. His work isn’t just work either, the Bible says it’s good! We can be confident of this – we’ve been made in His likeness and He won’t stop working on us for our betterment until we are perfectly completed!

How encouraging these words are! I am convinced that God doesn’t do this work in our lives (this hard, but good work) because He has to, but because he wants to. God has chosen to do good work in our lives and in so doing, we are drawn closer to Himself. So, I will embrace these two hours of “forced” rest this afternoon to learn a little bit more about my great God.

He is not finished with me yet!